Vacuum Atmospheres Co. is a leading glovebox manufacturer. We have supplied inert atmosphere gloveboxes and inert gas purification systems worldwide since 1960. VAC offers a complete line of glove boxes, purifiers and custom systems for moisture free, oxygen free, particle free and laminar flow applications including, OLED, PLED, TFT, inert gas welding, nuclear, battery R&D, battery production, lamp production, pharmaceutical, organometallic, inorganic, synthetic and electrochemical chemistry. VAC also offers custom engineering design, process integration and turnkey solutions.

VAC also offers a complete line of accessories, including oxygen and moisture analyzers, vacuum ovens, free standing purifiers, nitrogen / hydrogen removal systems, particle and solvent traps, feedthroughs, vacuum pumps, freezers and much more.

Also, please see our NEW, patented, closed loop circulation Solvent Purification system for the highest quality anhydrous solvent <1PPM H2O in THF. The VAC system offers the smallest and the safest design on the market.

VAC has extensive experience in evaporators used for thin film deposition. Recently VAC introduced a new glovebox integrated, turnkey, vacuum deposition system. Please contact us for further information.

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