Custom Glove Boxes and Applications

Vacuum Atmospheres Company (VAC) is a supplier of turn key systems. VAC has extensive experience developing and supplying complete custom systems for commercial, research and applications. VAC has designed and fabricated a variety of custom gloveboxes/containments or custom versions of its standard commercial glovebox products. These systems included design to specification, engineering analysis, welding to ASME Code Section IX, certified welding inspections, certified leak check to AGS standards, material and process certifications.

Design and Engineering Capability
VAC has a solid core of engineering experience in the design of containments, gloveboxes and material handling systems in inert atmosphere or negative pressure air environments. The custom designs are performed to AGS standards or customer’s standards and specifications.

3D Modeling, AutoCAD and Finite Element Analysis
VAC uses the 3-D mechanical design programs, SolidWorks® and CADKEY®, to design systems. Detail fabrication drawings are completed in AutoCAD®. In Figure 1, VAC used the 3-D program to model the internal purification system components to optimize the design and reduce the need for numerous prototypes. As appropriate, VAC performs finite element analysis to verify stress levels in materials and deflection levels of surfaces. In Figure 2, Glovebox Deflection Model, VAC modeled a custom glovebox to predict deflection of the glovebox floor, roof and side panels and the Lexan Window.

Figure 1
Figure 2