OLED/PLED, TFT Tools and Thin Film Deposition System

Custom OLED Inert Glove Box Systems


Front Door Access
Rear Door Access
Vacuum Deposition Glove Box Systems
Thin Film Deposition In Inert Atmosphere
  • Glass Bell Jar with Lift System
  • High Volume Turbo Pump
  • Rotating Substrate Holder
  • Shutter Control
  • Dual 2 KVA Resistive Sources
  • Optional Additional Sources
  • Inficon XTN Rate Monitor
  • Optional Cryogenic Pump
  • Optional SST Chamber w/external access
Standard Research System with Glass Bell Jar and Integrated Controls
Integrated Glove Box Spin Coater
Spin Casting of Air Sensitive Materials
  • Integrate Coaters from Major Suppliers
  • Prep Box for Coater Installation by Customer
  • “In-Deck” or Floor Mount
  • Coaters Available with Dispensing System
  • Integrate with Vacuum Deposition System
Research System with Spin Coater & Vacuum Deposition System
Laminar flow inert glovebox system with integrated evaporator
  • Rapid Particle Removal
  • Class 10 or Better Cleanroom Environment
  • Inert Atmosphere,
  • Variable Laminar Flow, 30 – 90 LFM
  • 0.12 Micron HEPA FIlter, ULPA Filter Optional
  • Dual Column Inert Gas Purifier
  • Oxygen and Moisture Analyzers
  • Optional Oil Free Vacuum Pump
Custom Dual Workstation Laminar Flow Inert Atmosphere System

Introducing a turnkey solution for vacuum deposition, spin coating and device testing in an inert atmosphere.


  • Unique base plate design provides for multiple sources configured in an arc at the front of the base plate, providing enhanced film uniformity combined with easy source loading and replacement.
  • Stainless steel bell jar with viewport and sacrificial glass for easy clean-up of viewing area.
  • Pneumatic bell jar lift raises bell jar following refill from low moisture glovebox atmosphere.
  • Direct drive rotary work holder with adjustable height, tilt and rotation speed. Easy to view and reach platen allows for easy mask and substrate loading.
  • 1-2% deposition uniformity across 4-5 inches.
  • Pump stack with 300l/sec turbo pump backed with Edwards RV-8 12 CFM direct drive roughing pump. Vacuum pressure routinely reaches 5 X 10-6 Torr.
  • Deposition rate and thickness monitor with slide out crystal drawer for easy crystal replacement.
  • Integrated touch screen controls with built in diagnostics for all glovebox, bell jar and evaporation functions. Including automatic pump, vent and built in diagnostics
  • Optional co-deposition functions available upon request