Pic-4-NexGen-lightPic 5, NexGen Purifiers
  • Innovative, inert gas purifier design uses replaceable cartridges
  • Cartridges are supplied fully activated and ready for immediate use
  • Typical cartridge life greater than 1 year
  • No more purifier regeneration by the user
  • No downtime
  • Independent oxygen and moisture purifiers with individually selectable manual or automatic blower speed controls
  • Less than 1 ppm oxygen and moisture
  • System comes complete with:
– Stainless steel glovebox
– LED lighting
– Three large high capacity shelves
– Vacuum pump
– Your choice of gloves
– Evacuate/ refill internal glove port cover
– Smart purifier features (requires VAC analyzer)
– Smart purge features (requires VAC analyzer)
  • Rectangular antechamber design with manual valves and horizontally swinging doors allows large pass through capability with greatly reduced volume and pump down time (vs. 15″ dia. cylindrical antechamber)
  • Automatic features available upon request
  • New 7″ high resolution touch screen displays glovebox and antechamber status, oxygen and moisture levels and purifier blower speeds on the main screen
  • Integrated oxygen and moisture analyzers are optional
  • Extensive list of options and accessories

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