nexus-lgThe NEXUS II integrated glovebox system provides universities, industrial firms and the national laboratories with a full feature system in glovebox performance and options.

The NEXUS II glovebox system comes complete with vacuum pump, gloves, shelving, and purge valves – just plug in the utilities and you are ready to start.

nexus-gas-2-lgThe inert gas purifier has a very thin 16″ depth and compactly fits entirely under the glovebox at the rear, which allows for more leg room (14″) or for storage of equipment.

This also allows the NEXUS II to be the ideal platform for custom integrations of cold wells, spin coaters, special heating wells and other equipment for your special projects.

The depth of the NEXUS II glovebox is 30″ and VAC designed the system so it may be flush mounted against a laboratory wall. Choosing the NEXUS II means your precious laboratory space is preserved.

purifier-lgThe purifier is available in both single and dual column model; both with automatic circulation valves and manual glovebox isolation valves. Choose a dual column model to allow simultaneous purification and regeneration. As with all VAC inert gas purifiers, the NEXUS II will achieve less than 1-ppm oxygen and moisture equilibrium.


purifier-3-lgA 5.7″ color touch screen control and display panel is standard and a 10.4″ is optional. Both choices mean fast and easy access to your glovebox settings. The system will also control antechamber evacuation/refill, glovebox pressure and glovebox purge.



The glovebox comes in single, extra (3 port) and double (4 port) lengths, single sided or dual sided. The glovebox is stainless steel with removable end panels. The large 15″ diameter and small 6″ diameter antechambers and doors are stainless steel.