Nexus Modular

Gas Purification – Nexus Modular

The Nexus Modular purification system can be configured to provide flow rates of 40 CFM, 80 CFM, 120 CFM and 160 CFM. The small size of the module makes this system the ideal choice for any installation. The purifier is configured with a variable speed blower and automatic circulation valves. The Nexus Modular can achieve less than 1-PPM oxygen and moisture equilibrium. The system will also control antechamber evacuation/refill, glovebox pressure and purge.

The 10.4 ‘’ touch screen LCD displays glovebox pressure, blower speed, analyzer levels (with appropriate sensors) and system status; the operator may note antechamber operation and regeneration status at a glance. An alarm panel shows any out of tolerance condition for operator acknowledgement or correction. There is also a 5.7’’ display available with a slightly different screen layout. The system interfaces to VAC Oxygen and/or Moisture analyzer assemblies.