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    Instrumentation-Oxygen Analyzers Moisture Monitors:

    VAC 109297 Analyzer, Genesis, Oxygen
    VAC 401301 Analyzer, Genesis, Moisture

    VAC 109047 Cold Storage Refrigerator, -35°C, 110V, 60Hz
    VAC 109048 Cold Storage Refrigerator, -35°C, 220V, 50Hz
    Adapter Box, 7 inch deep, Stainless Steel adapter box for mounting freezer to glovebox. Provides more interior glovebox room.

    Cold Well:
    VAC 019333 Cold Well

    Overpressure Protection:
    VAC 102084 Dual Pressure Relief Bubbler
    VAC 016974 Single Pressure Relief Bubbler, Positive
    VAC 016974-1 Single Pressure Relief Bubbler, Negative

    Optional Purifiers:
    VAC 109038 Purification Kit, Genesis, Oxygen
    VAC 109037 Purification Kit, Genesis, Moisture
    VAC 109511 System Assy, Purifier, Moisture, w/ Solvent, Genesis

    Feedthrus, Couplings and Connections:
    VAC 100626 Interface Assy, 20 amp, 5-way binding posts, Feed thru, pair
    VAC 401160 Feedthru, Interface Assy, 9 Pin-D, NW50
    VAC 401161 Interface Assy, 9 Pin-D, Rectangular
    VAC 401162 Interface Assy, 15 Pin-D, Rectangular
    VAC 401347 Interface Assy, 15 Pin-D, HD, Rectangular
    VAC 401163 Interface Assy, 25 Pin-D, Data, Feed thru
    VAC 100177 Interface Assy, 28-Pin Electrical, Feed thru
    VAC 019331 Interface Assy, 500 amp Feed thru
    VAC 101716 Interface Assy, 57-Pin Electrical, Feed thru
    VAC 401299 Interface Assy, Electrical Feedthru, 10 pin circular
    VAC 100627 Interface Assy, BNC, Feed thru
    VAC 100621 Interface Assy, LN2 ( Liquid nitrogen), Feed thru
    VAC 100175 Interface Assy, NPT, 1" Welded Feed thru
    VAC 100173 Interface Assy, NPT, 1/2" Welded Feed thru
    VAC 100171 Interface Assy NPT 1/4" Welded Feed thru
    VAC 100594 Interface Assy, NPT, 1/4" Welded Feed thru, with ext & int. 1/4" valves
    VAC 100176 Interface Assy, NPT, 1-1/2" Welded Feed thru
    VAC 100174 Interface Assy, NPT, 3/4" Welded Feed thru
    VAC 100172 Interface Assy, NPT, 3/8" Welded Feed thru
    VAC 400980 Interface Assy, USB
    VAC 102833 Interface Assy, KF-40
    VAC 103249 Interface Assy, KF-25
    VAC 109284 Interface Assy, KF-50
    VAC 401164 Interface Assy, RJ-45, Data, Feed thru
    VAC 100629 Interface Assy, TIG welding, Feed thru set

    Glove Port Covers: (One Internal Glove Port is supplied as standard)
    VAC 019281 Glove Port Cover, External, LEXAN
    VAC 019282 Glove Port Cover, Internal

    Anti-Static Devices:
    VAC 101373 Static Control Ionizer, Non Fan, 110 VAC
    VAC 400259 Static Control Ionizer, with Fan, 220 VAC
    VAC 101467 Static Control Ionizer, Non Fan, 110 VAC
    VAC 400260 Static Control Ionizer, with Fan, 220 VAC

    Vacuum Ovens & Controllers:
    VAC 107841 Vacuum Oven Assembly, 200°C. Includes oven, controller and vacuum pump
    VAC 108438 Vacuum Oven Assembly, 600°C. Includes oven, controller and vacuum pump

    Imaging Systems:
    VAC 100612 Video Microscope System

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